“One Hard Night” is a feature-length comedy.

We’ll begin filming in the spring and summer of 2017.

We’ve just put up a web page listing the perks that someone gets if they contribute to the making of our film!

Contributions and Perks

Hopefully you and your friends could contribute a little bit and be part of this film production. I would not want any of you to contribute more than you can afford, but if everyone contributes, the film will be that much better for it!.

The script is written and we are now in pre-production. We are now casting for all roles, both major and minor. Our followers on this site who have joined and become part of the movie will be able to follow along as we cast each of the roles!!! Joining the movie costs nothing and affords you the opportunity to use the forums, chat with the cast and crew, help shape the final release, and perhaps become an extra!!

One Hard Night is being created as a small independent film, so we need your help. Anything you can do—whether contributing your time or money or both—will help us tremendously. In addition to monetary contributions, we need people to blog about us, share us on social media, start email campaigns, and volunteer on the set.

In the story line for “One Hard Night” Ben Marshall has the hardest night of his life as he falls into one predicament after another.

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